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English horn, Pandean pipe, adjutage, aerophone, aftergrass, anthrophore, arrow, arrowhead, aulos, axis, bamboo, barb, basset horn, basset oboe, bassoon, bell, bobtailed arrow, bole, bolt, bombard, cambric tea, cane, carpophore, catheter, caudex, caulicle, caulis, cereal, cereal plant, chested arrow, clarinet, cloth yard shaft, cobweb, contrabassoon, contrafagotto, corn, cromorne, culm, dart, dishwater, double bassoon, double reed, drainpipe, efflux tube, embouchure, farinaceous plant, fife, fipple flute, fire hose, flageolet, flight, flue pipe, flute, fog, footstalk, forage grass, funicule, funiculus, funnel, garden hose, gas pipe, gossamer, grain, graminaceous plant, grass, gruel, hair, haulm, hautboy, heckelphone, horn, hornpipe, hose, hosepipe, house of cards, key, lawn grass, leafstalk, licorice stick, lip, matchwood, milk and water, mouthpiece, musette, nipple, oaten reed, oboe, oboe da caccia, ocarina, organ pipe, ornamental grass, panpipe, pedicel, peduncle, penny-whistle, petiole, petiolule, petiolus, piccolo, pipe, pipeline, pipette, piping, pommer, quarrel, recorder, reed instrument, reed pipe, rope of sand, sand castle, sax, saxophone, seedstalk, shaft, shawm, siamese, siamese connection, single reed, single-reed instrument, siphon, slide, snorkel, soil pipe, sonorophone, spear, spire, stalk, standpipe, steam pipe, stem, stipe, stock, straw, sweet potato, syrinx, tabor pipe, tap, tenoroon, thread, tigella, tin-whistle, tooter, trunk, tube, tubing, tubulation, tubule, tubulet, tubulure, valve, volley, waste pipe, water, water pipe, whistle, wind, wind instrument, woods, woodwind, woodwind choir, woodwind instrument

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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